Contemporary America (1945 to the present)

Onset of the Cold War

Domino Theory Lesson Plan and Presentation

Creation of the CIA Presentation

Creation of the CIA Lesson Plan

Cold War Era and Sports as World Events

Cold War Intelligence and Espionage Lesson Plan

Cold War Early Antagonism Lesson Plan and Presentation

U.S. Recognition of Israel Presentation and Resources

Civil Defense Lesson Plan

Cuban Missel Crisis Lesson Plan

Post WWII and Cold War and Home

Cold War Weapon Technology and Foreign Policy Lesson Plan

Eisenhower and US Global Leadership

PBSUCCESS Lesson Plan and Presentation

History of Civil Rights in the U.S. Before 1954 Presentation

Cold War Civil Rights Presentation and Resources

Modern Civil Rights Movement

Voting Rights Act Presentation

Voting Rights Act Lesson Plan

Swann v. Charlotte Mecklenberg Lesson Plan and Presentation

A Tour of the Monroe Brown Site Presentation

Civil Rights Lesson Plan

Human Rights Graphic Representation Lesson Plan

Jim Crow and Lawrence

King and Kennedy Common Good Lesson Plan

Non-Violent Direct Action Lesson Plan

Quest for Human Rights Lesson Plan

Rosa Parks Civil Rights Lesson Plan

Voting Rights Lesson Plan

Vietnam War and American Society

Kent State Presentation

U.S.S. Pueblo Presentation

Vietnam Viewpoints Presentation

America's Global Commitments

Africa in the Cold War Presentation

Strategic Defense Initiative Lesson Plan

Iranian Revolution Lesson Plan

Human Rights Since 1945 Lesson Plan and Presentation

Similarities between the Cuban Missile Crisis and Iran's Nuclear Ambitions Lesson Plan

Gulf War

Debating the Iraq War Lesson Plan

Native Americans in Contemporary America

American Indians as Mascots

The Columbia River Basin and Native American Rights

Year of the Boar

Year of the Boar Lesson Plan